Angela Brockwell
Owner, Frabella Soaps

Angela is the owner of Frabella Soapsa family-owned and operated business located on a pristine 35-acre farm in the heart of Takapu Valley, Wellington, New Zealand.  

The Valley has a strong family history, spanning five generations of farmers on some farms.  

Frabella’s milking goats roam free outdoors and Angela follows organic methods to ensure the goats are happy and healthy and produce beautiful creamy milk. 

Were passionate about the land and keeping things natural. We follow organic practices to ensure our land and animals are kept in the best condition. For example we provide our goats with natural supplements like seaweed and other natural products to keep them happy and healthy. Were amazed at the quality of products you can produce and being sustainable and environmentallyfriendly for the next generation. 

Frabella is a combination of my two beautiful daughters’ names – Frances and Bella. They love helping to milk the goats, make the soap and even help with packaging. Theyre superstars on the farm and love bringing their ‘city’ friends out to enjoy our slice of paradise,” she says. 

Frabella’s beautiful goats are freerange and grassfed, with grain provided at milking time. They’re only milked once a day to ensure theyre kept in the best condition. We have a mix of Saanen, Toggenburg and British Alpine breeds. Each doe has its own personality and always keeps us on our toes. 

As our soaps are made naturally and simply, there are no chemicals being washed down the drain into our rivers, no pollutants or anything that will have a negative impact. We also aim to be environmentally friendly and aim to be carbon neutral both in farming and manufacturing of our products.   

Were so excited to bring a slice of our paradise to you in our luxury goats milk soap and skin moisturisers.