Calise & Michael Chan
Founders, Less by Nature

Calise and Michael have attended dozens of baby showers over the years and always found it a challenge to know what to buy for the baby. Clothes are cute but you never know if they’ll match the parents’ preference or style. Toys are appealing to babies to begin with, but they can soon lose interest and leave them aside forever. Strollers or bassinets are wonderful, but super expensive. An ideal gift for babies seemed non-existent.

One day, Calise was bathing her daughter and realised that natural baby skincare would make a great gift – useful, affordable and nice enough to use every day. Baby skincare was not yet a popular choice for baby gifts because, as a mother of two, Calise was concerned about any nasties in these products. Certified baby skincare sprang to mind as the natural answer!

Calise and Michael found there were a couple of certified baby skincare brands in New Zealand, however their packaging design meant that most of their friends didn’t consider them ideal gifts for babies. This was the inspiration for the business: NZ-made independently-certified baby skincare with lovely packaging – and Less by Nature was born.

Less by Nature was determined to stand out with its trustworthy claim and has achieved this by turning to BioGrow New Zealand for independent product certification. After months of development work, sourcing the right ingredients and fulfilling documentation requirements, all of Less by Nature’s products were certified, becoming the first skincare brand in New Zealand to be awarded a Non-GMO Certification in 2017.