Anna Bordignon
Founder & Owner
Nil Products

Anna Bordignon is a trained lawyer who wants to help ensure the planet is a thriving place by the time her grandchildren discover it. She loved the law and practised for over a decade in the private sector for multinational organisations in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Becoming a mother was a pivotal point for Anna. She wanted to believe the planet would remain a place of nature and beauty for her children and their children. So in 2014 she founded an eco-social enterprise company to help educate families on the benefits of more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyles. That led to the development of two brands – Munch Cupboard for sustainably-focussed families and Nil Products for eco-savvy professionals.

All Nil products are eco-friendly in some way – from being reusable, organic to biodegradable. Everyday products making a difference. Useful, beautiful and green. All ingredients and products are sourced from ethical communities.
Many of the products are manufactured in New Zealand and support local mothers, both skilled and unskilled. Anna believes that involving those that may traditionally be excluded from obtaining an income is one way to close the income equality gap.
Anna classifies herself as a social entrepreneur with a passion for innovative and sustainable products, packaging and production methods that empower people to contribute.