John & Maureen Newlands
Founders, Radical Dog

We’re a family-owned and operated business with a mission to grow a naturally healthy crop to improve human and canine health. After years of research and trialling, we came across Montmorency tart cherries back in 1992.

It was when we noticed our farm dogs sneaking some tart cherries from under the trees at our orchard that we saw huge differences in our working dogs’ health. They got their mojo back – with joints gliding like they used to, and coats which were the envy of the neighbourhood. Our challenge then was to figure out a way to pass on these health benefits to more of our four-legged buddies than just the dogs on our farm. That’s where the fun began.

After receiving expert advice from an animal nutritionist, we started mixing and baking in our farm kitchen and testing on available dogs and breeds. Finally, after four years of research and development, we have produced a dog biscuit of the highest standard, which we proudly stand by and are privileged to share with other dog lovers.

As New Zealand’s only commercial Montmorency tart cherry orchard, we have access to the best quality fruit, straight from our farm. Our ingredients are totally natural, with no nasty preservatives or added salt or flavours. Plus, there are no animal or cereal by-products included, ensuring your dog is getting the purest form of tart cherry goodness.