Brooke & Carrick Graham
Founders & Co-Owners, Te Wai™

Every time Te Wai™ founders and co-owners Brooke & Carrick Graham returned home from overseas, they wondered how they could best share New Zealand’s irrepressibly wild freshness with the friends they’d left offshore. 

A full three years in development, Brooke and Carrick set out to capture the uniqueness and healing properties of New Zealand’s native flora and deliver these via a hydrating fine mist facial spray, all wrapped in the provenance of the country they love. 

Brooke says she and her husband originally created Te Wai so that visitors to New Zealand could take a little bit of our country home with them. “With international travel now clipped, we’ve focused instead on delivering Te Wai to New Zealand’s fans in the GCC,” she says. 

Carrick says anyone who’s been to NZ will likely share experiences of meeting nature for the first time; of experiencing our extreme and wild forest environments. Breathing in the planet’s cleanest air, being caught in a Kiwi rainstorm that just keeps on falling. “Get up before dawn and you’re often rewarded with the sun climbing up over a mountain ridge and an alpine rainbow to remind you how life should be – simple, refreshing and balanced. That’s Te Wai. 

From the outset, the issue of sustainability and looking after our environment was very important to us.

From the 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable PETG bottle to our environmentally friendly packaging, Te Wai was created to support our sustainability goals.

Te Wai believes creating cleaner waterways, combating soil erosion, restoring farmland, or assisting species loss is important to all of us.

That is why, as part of Te Wai’s ‘Capturing an Essence of New Zealand’, we’re proud to support ‘Trees that Count – Te Rahi o Tane’ which sees us donating a portion of Te Wai’s sales to support the planting of native trees in communities across New Zealand.