Sarah Bacon
Creator & Founder, Velettà Skincare

When Velettà creator and founder, Sarah Bacon, turned 40 she was told by a friend that it was a good time to assess whether she wanted to stay in her current job for the next 20 years. Sarah, who was a partner in a Wellington law firm, realised that she didn’t and that she no longer wanted to practice law. 

What she did want to do was to build a company and that her company would make skincare. Sarah then left her law firm and did a Master of Business Administration and started experimenting.  

Sarah’s experiments began in her kitchen (after an enormous amount of research) and resulted in the first iteration of Velettà’s Rejuvenating Oil and the birth of Velettà skincare.  

Sarah knew exactly what she wanted from Velettà. She wanted something much better than the products she had used over the years. She wanted a skincare range that would visibly improve skin texture and tone, that was entirely natural and kind to skin and that was made without unnecessary chemicals and fillers. She also wanted a range that was beautiful to weargorgeous to use and packaged in a luxurious way that was not a burden on the environment. Finally, she wanted that range to be inclusive and one which was developed in such a way that women didn’t have to compromise their beliefs to use it. She knew from the outset that it would be vegan, halal-certified and cruelty-free.  

She set about developing a skincare ritual that was luxurious and easy to follow at home, but as efficacious as a professional facial regime. Sarah tested her products on women of all ages, refining and honing the formulations until it was clear that she had achieved the perfect balance: a natural, luxurious skincare regime that helps to create glowing, healthy skin. 

Velettà is headquartered in Wellington and made in ChristchurchNew Zealand.