Salt Leachate Measurement and Risk Modelling (UAE)

Design, development and delivery of a four-year research project to determine the water-usage, productivity and resultant salt leaching of consumable halophytic crops (Salicornia, Quinoa, Blue Pannicum), under three water treatments (Groundwater, Reject Brine and Aqua-Brine). The Aqua-Brine is the waste water from an aquaculture farm applied to the three crops (containing highly saline water and nutrients from waste). The Reject Brine is waste from desalination units – highly saline water.

Measurement of Water Consumption by Date Palms (UAE)

Design, development and delivery of a four-year research project measuring and calibrating groundwater use over three different salinity levels and the impact on resultant fruit yield in Date Palms. The project identified between 40-60% savings on water usage with no impact to fruit yield.

Measurement of the Impact of Treated Sewage Effluent on Forestry (UAE)

Design, development and delivery of a four-year research project to measure and calibrate the use of both groundwater and Treated Sewage Effluent for irrigating native forestry and amenity plants. Project identified up to 50% water-use savings on groundwater use and up to 75% water savings in TSE use.


Development of a Decision Support Tool for Water Allocation (UAE)

Design, development and delivery of a software decision support tool for use by water regulators. The tool uses input parameters customised to the local environment (soil type, salinity, climate, crop type, farm size etc) to calculate the amount of water that can be allocated to a farm on an annual basis.


Fisheries’ Marketing and Communications Plan (UAE)

Development of a Marketing and Communications Plan for a multi-year social change programme addressing the need to change fishing and consumer habits to allow the Gulf fishery to recover. The plan included brand development for the change programme and channel plans on a range of media – from social to television – communicating the need, evidence and behaviour change required.


Fisheries’ Management Programme (UAE)

The management of a programme of work (11 projects) covering policy, regulation, socio-economic survey, management plans, research programmes, 12-month survey of fish stocks in Abu Dhabi waters, and a pilot of electronic catch recording from vessels.



B2B and B2C Marketing Plans for Aquaculture Industry Development (UAE)

Development of two marketing plans to 1) attract investors to the establishment of Aquaculture farms (B2B); and 2) provide a branded marketing programme to introduce and encourage consumption of locally farmed fish (B2C). Both plans included brand development for each of the campaign programmes, channel plans on a range of media, timing, frequency and measurement of the impact of the plans.

Review of the Education Sector K1-12 (Oman)

Undertook a 12-month review of the education sector in Oman. The review and subsequent recommendations covered all aspects of K1-12 education including, school infrastructure, governance (local, regional, central), financial, curriculum and assessment, resourcing, and teacher training.



Leadership Training for School Principals (Oman)

Designed, developed and delivered a two-year leadership training programme for school Principals. Based on a train-the-trainer approach, the programme was delivered to 600 school Principals and included workshops, one-to-one training and supporting videos in Arabic and English.